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More than Just a Car Wash

Eco Clean, headquartered in Dubai, stands out in the realm of automotive services, offering a wide range of premium services. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning experiences, with a primary focus on dry car cleaning.

Eco Clean boasts a professional team of dry cleaning experts who master the art of delivering shiny and tangible results. In addition to dry cleaning services, the company provides diverse options, including luxurious car upholstery, and meticulous polishing services that bring a new gleam to the vehicle.



Our services

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Dry cleaning

Eco Clean's dry car cleaning service ensures effective interior and seat cleanliness without compromising materials. Using liquid solvents, it provides a clean and comfortable driving experience.

Nano Ceramic

Easy to clean Protects the paint brightness Resistant to scratches Resistant to bird droppings protects vinyl and skin from cracking .

Paint Protection Film

Lifetime guaranty An American product Protects the front of the car and other parts Boosts vehicle value in case of re-sale Protects from bugs, stones and dust

Windows Film

An American products Life time guaranty Fuel reduction Blocks of infrared radiation Blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays


Paint correction remove Scratches and swirls Restore faded & oxidized paint Engine degreasing Interior stain removal

Smart Repair

High quality Low price Short time Repair hail Damage Repair bumps without painting

Car Wrap

Easy to clean Special designs Easy cleaning film Long time guaranty European and American products


Repair car leather Chose your own color Protect interior factory original color Convert from cloth to leather

Rust protection

Protection from dust Protection from moisture Protection from salty water Protection from environmental factors Protection from oxidation .

Why choose us

Why We Stand Out?

More Than a Decade of Excellence in Car Care

+16 years

there's a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in the field, ensuring reliable and high-quality services.


Eco Clean prioritizes eco-friendly practices, aligning with a growing concern for the planet and minimizing its environmental impact.


The company ensures high-quality service and professionalism, guaranteeing a satisfying customer experience with top-notch care for your vehicle.


Eco Clean ensures that goals are achieved with minimal time, effort or resources, focusing on productivity and effectiveness.


Why We Stand Out?

More Than a Decade of Excellence in Car Care

John D.:

"Eco Clean exceeded my expectations! Their attention to detail in the dry car cleaning was remarkable. My car looks brand new, and I love that they prioritize the environment."


"I opted for the paint protection film, and it's been a lifesaver. My car still looks brand new, and the bugs and stones just wipe away. Fantastic investment!"


"I recently got the nano ceramic coating from Eco Clean, and it's a game-changer! My car is not only protected but also easier to clean. Highly recommend their innovative solutions!"


"The upholstery repair service at Eco Clean saved my car's interior. They seamlessly matched the leather color, and it looks factory original. Very impressed!"


Elevate Your Car's Aesthetics Today!

Discover excellence in car care with Eco Clean. Contact us through our official channels for top-notch, eco-friendly services. Whether it’s a thorough dry cleaning, innovative coatings, or specialized repairs, get in touch to experience automotive care that goes beyond expectations. Your car deserves the best, and Eco Clean is here to deliver.

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